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Monday, March 09, 2009

The Bald Shall Lead Us

Just when you think all is lost, you find hope. Just when you think the future is doomed, you see light. Just when you think Abe Vigoda has died, you Google him and find he is still alive.

I watch and read too much news. The news, while important, tends to point out more what 's wrong with the world than what is right.

Today I point out the good, in addition to Abe Vigoda still breathing.

I have a friend, who I'll call Colin because that is his name. He is raising money for a charity.

I know what you are saying,
"Mark, those Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles Pastries are quite tasty".
Not you, the other guy,
"Mark, kids raise money everyday for charity, what's so special about this one?"

It is true many kids raise money for many different charities. And I applaud all of them, this charity is a little different.

Colin is participating in a St. Baldrick's fundraiser. If you're not familiar with St. Baldrick's here's a quick summary. Volunteers raise money and then SHAVE their heads BALD in a show of support for children fighting cancer. People of all ages and sexes volunteer to do this. They have raised over $50 millon in 9 years shaving 72,000 heads in 18 different countries. Here's a video for additional information:

I am asking you to help support Colin as he will be shaving his head this Friday March 13th. Kids helping kids need to be supported. If you can, please help Colin out;

Click here to DONATE NOW.


Tara said...

Colin needs a paypal or money revolution option!!!!

bill said...

thanks mark

Colin said...

thanks mark

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Does the hair go too?

Mark Ploch said...


Good luck dude. I hope you have a good warm hat.