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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Idol Worship Or Clear Air?

I was reading some comments to my blog from the other day, What Am I Missing?

And there was the fear in the Republican mindset that Obama will not be criticized because he is being "worshiped" by the left and the media. I thought about this and tried to understand where this fear is coming from.

I agree that Obama is being welcomed with wide opened arms by many in the media. Personally, I don't find anything wrong with that, but it is unusual, until you think about it.

The world has been under a cloud for eight years. Eight long depressing ass backward years. The world has had to look to George W. Bush for guidance and leadership. Bush is a dumb person. Bush is a muppet for the GOP. Bush needs more handlers than a Bullwinkle balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade during a hurricane. But, he is, soon to be was, President of the United States. The office demands respect. But, how can you respect this man who clearly was never qualified to fill the position. Add the shadow of doubt as to how he was elected and you've got the makings of a bad eight year headache.

Now, by the genius of term limits, the nail-in-the-forehead migraine is going away and by law can never ever come back, ever. Who is going to replace him? A well educated, good speaking, independently speaking breathe of fresh air. Barack Obama could not be more different than George W. Bush. This is why everybody is hyperventilating over him, they can breathe again. I think Obama was elected because he is so different than all politicians, Democrat or Republican.

Will Obama be judged fairly is a major concern of Republicans. I believe once the air pressure equalizes Obama will be judged under a micro-fine microscope. We all know how the media is famous for building a house of cards just so they can knock it down. So all you conservatives relax, Obama will get his share of scrutiny.

So breathe deeply America.


bill a said...

all he has to do is fix the entire world and be home by the weekend.

CFandl said...

Still ripping on Bush I see. Must be nice to have someone to blame everything on. Grow up.

Ben Orr said...

Obama was elected because:

a) He is black, but not too black (sort of like Tiger Woods). White guilt.

b) The media was in love with him and gave him favorable coverage.

c) A good percentage of people who did vote for him had no clue about his politcal record or beliefs.

d) The Republicans made the mistake of picking an old man to run against him.

e) The econonic meltdown (which was caused by as many greedy libs as conservatives) and subsequent bailout scam that followed (the people were robbed but without a gun).

Mar said...

Want a little cheese with that whine, CF? Whine and cheese..what a diet, but it's so much better than that grape kool-ade that you've been drinking over the last 8 yrs.

Mar said...

Ben likes to post the voices he hears in his head...things that others keep to themselves.

Ben, meet the Facts:
a) Obama was voted in as an agent of change, not because of his background. Sad that Ben just couldn't bring himself to vote for the white half.

b) Obama was voted in - in spite of the corporate media who were dining at the McLame BBQ in Sedona.

c) Anyone with internet access or a brain could easily determine Obama's political record and beliefs by going to

d) The wingnuts selected Grampy because everyone else was tainted in some way. Anyone up for twice divorced,cross-dressing Rudy, Mormon Mitt?

e) Voters across the country recognized that the greedy GOPer's were "in charge" and responsible for the housing and banking crises as well as promoting outsourcing. Bernanke and Paulson are playing full-time for the Rethugs, remember?

Mark Ploch said...

Tell me any different truth and I'll talk about it.

Your white robe is showing.

Thanks for reading my mind.

Paul_F said...

RE: Obama's election. Well said Mar! But you left out actor/policy heavywieght Fred Thompson, or minister/diet guru/Faux News guitar star Mike Huckabee!

The Republican party was founded on the principal of reform - every man AND woman is equal. What the heck happened along the way?

Paul_F said...


Anonymous said...

I have always been curious how Rome fell from greatness and power. Why didn't the people of Rome demand that the politicians running the country do what was wise. Maybe they too sat around and argued about their favorite incompetent politician or gladiator rather than do something productive.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Funny how libs claim to be so open minded. That is until someone doesn't agree with them. Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

There is always a level of hope when a new president takes office, except when they steal it.
We all know we need a fresh approach after eight years of hell. Will Obama solve every crisis? No.
Will he give us other problems? Hopefully not but probably.
If he can get things on course in the first two years he will have done an amazing job. But we all must help him out too.
Now go read my blog people!

Mark Ploch said...

What has been closed minded here besides the GOP crapola?

No one is giving Obama a free pass. The country and world can't afford too.

But, he doesn't deserve to be criticized before he takes office either.

Mar said...

Paul, thanks for covering the other candidates. Sorry, I got tired after two. To answer your question about the GOP..I believe it was waylaid by village idiots. Even Goldwater didn't even want to associate with them.

Oh, anonymous, let me regurgitate your bile into something more palatable:
Funny how conservatives claim to handle finances better. That is until they see a country they want to democratize and then all hell breaks loose...charging up expenses on the card and expecting their offspring to pay it off. Hmmm..seems pretty hypocritical to me.

Yup, yup, and no that's no lie.

Tara said...

I have to disagree with Ben on #4. I don't think the Republicans picking an old man was nearly as hurtful to them as that old man picking crazy, redneck, scary, clueless white woman.

P. Henry said...

As far as I am concerned both the Democrats and Republicans are all crooks. The American people need to run these clowns out of Washington.

Both parties are all about big government controlling more and more of our lives. They are bankrupting are nation to boot. The Founding Fathers have to be rolling over in their graves.

I have zero confidence in Obama as I had zero confidence in Bush (or Clinton, Bush I etc). He is beholden to the status quo and all this talk about "change" is pure bunk.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Uh P Henry, who do you suggest? People like you want everybody thrown out but never have a solution. Quit moaning and offer a suggestion or STFU!

P. Henry said...


How about we storm Washington and pull another French Revolution? Off with their heads!

I am not moaning and you can take your STFU comment and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. If you had half a brain, you would realize that Obama is just another cog in the corrupt machine.

Mar said...

PHenry, from your stated anger toward both parties, I assume that you haven't voted in quite a while. You haven't answered Scott's question...what do you propose as solution to our nation's ills? I just can't dance to "Off with their heads"...I give it a zero.

Mark Ploch said...

Alright alright settle down people.

TRUTH be told we don't have any idea how Obama is going to do.

TRUTH is we don't know if Obama is an old cog or a new wheel.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens. The question remains to be answered. What can we citizens do to help? If everyone in DC is crooked what can we do to make them better? We've already voted, so that's done.

What else?
Does buying American help?
Does saying no to our children help?
Does saying to ourselves help?
Does going to town counsels help?
Does bitching and moaning help, no.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Thank you Mar.
I'm sorry but I'm sick of all these people who trust no one, want everybody thrown out of office, yet NEVER give us an alternative idea.
Put up or shut up.

P.Henry said...

For your info, I am a Libertarian and have voted this way for the past 20 years.


You pose a good question. I think it really starts with better educating the voting public. Too many people vote without really putting enough thought into it.

I was a registered Democrat for years. My parents were hard core JFK era one's and we all followed the company line. It was around 1988 that I started to open my eyes and educate myself.

The two party system in the country has grown into a self-serving monster. Even if you get a good, honorable person to run they still have to sell their soul to get elected.

Mark Ploch said...

Ok, now we're having dialog.
Unfortunately, the two party system is all we have to work with (Libertarians aside).

We Americans have to step up our efforts to keep the elected ones in check.

People forget, collectively we still have all the power. Nobody gets into an office without votes. And if people decide to not vote it makes it easier for corruption to take over.

I don't disagree that politicians are dirty. This is why I chose Obama. I feel, in my gut, that he has seen the wrong side of politics and wants to make that change real.

We'll soon find out. But, I'm not going to condemn a man before he takes office.

If he screws up I will say so. Hell, I thought Blago was going to be an agent for change.

P.Henry said...


I hope as well that Obama does well. We are all in this mess together.

Mark Ploch said...

P. Henry,

Now you're talking.

We ARE ALL in this together.

One president is not going to solve the problem. But, 300 million Americans can.

Anonymous said...

Why is the inauguration the lead story on all the hollywood gossip shows? (ie, Entertainment tonight, Access Hollywood, Showbiz tonight, E! news) Is he our next president, or an actor?? I guess we will soon find out...I'd say actor, since he prentends to be african american, though the only black person in his young life life left him.

Anonymous said...

Nobody worry...Obama will get shot down like a duck in hunting season. Give it two years when the economic mess is done; when everyone goes back to drinking their beverage of choice in the AM; when everyone feels good. Then, a serious crisis will occur either in or out of America. Obama will make a decision (good, bad or indifferent) and that is when the person who is expected to bring everyone together will be percieved as a person who is ripping the country apart. The dems will blame the republicans and vice versa. If it's serious enough he will not be reelected. If it's not, he may be but politics will seriously hurt the democratic party. This is like the american politics version of 'rinse and repeat'.

Oh, and Scott, STFU? What the ...?Stop being an idiot. You deserve to have no one take you seriously after that remark.

Mar said...

Ah, you turn your back and the anonymooses come out to whine and dine.

"I'd say actor, since he prentends to be african american".
You're pretending to be human, but your alien tendencies are showing.

"Give it two years when the economic mess is done; when everyone goes back to drinking their beverage of choice in the AM". Projecting your vice onto us? Please...put the Gentleman Jack back on the shelf and step away.

Anonymous said...

Another profound statement by Mar.