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Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Will Thwarting?

Last week at this time every TV show was buzzing about Illinois' Barack Obama. This morning TV shows are buzzing about Illinois' Rod Blagojevich. Talk about your Yin and Yang.

Blagojevich has been talking to every open microphone and video camera available since last Friday. He even took 30 minutes at a McDonalds drive-thru after the employee asked him want he wanted.

He has been talking a lot about how the now famous quotes taken from federal tapes are being heard "out of context". When people get caught saying bad things they always say they are being quoted "out of context". I can't wait to hear the whole context that makes, "I got this thing and it's bleepin' golden. I'm just not giving it up for bleepin' nothing," a good quote.

Blagojevich is also big on pointing out that the Illinois Senate is "thwarting the will of the people" that twice elected him governor. Well, since Blagojevich is so big on context, let's look at his two elections.

His first election was against a man named Jim Ryan. The state had just gone through a Republican George Ryan (no relation) who had sold anything that wasn't nailed down. His actions got six kids killed.

His re-election was against Judy Baar Topinka. She may have been qualified to run, but she was a terrible campaigner. Plus, Illinois was still stinging from past GOP elected officials. She never had a chance against the well funded Democrats.

So while it's true he was elected twice, and I admit I voted for him both times, the Democratic Party could have put up a wedge of cheese and would have still won both elections. I'd vote for cheese any day of the week, especially a nice creamy havarti cheese. But, I digress.

As Blagojevich claims the "will of the people is being thwarted", I'm just curious where all these people are. I've not seen or heard of anybody being thwarted, and we all know how painful that can be.

I just wonder who from Illinois will the nation be talking about next week.


Cousin Linda said...

I voted for him too! Won't it really be something if he is innocent and the world really is just against him and his wife. Just like poor Drew Peterson. You do know that the govenor has hired the same PR firm as Drew.

Mark Ploch said...

That PR firm must have a really weird client Christmas party.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

If Carrot Top and Amy Winehouse are clients it's legit.

Mar said...

Hey kids, take a turn on Mr. Blago's Wild Ride (apology to Mr. Toad).

Anonymous said...

Blago is a tool.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Anonymous, Blago is a golden tool you mofo. :)