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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MY Favorite Things

Every year Oprah does a show of her favorite things. The studio audience goes home with like $10,000 worth of gizmos, books, and Caribbean ostrich jerky (pronounced JEEEEEERRRKKY!).
It looks something like this.

Well, in my quest to become a Skype guest on Oprah I have decided to share with you,

(Be they real or imagined)

People love their iPods and MP3 players. Downloading songs can get expensive. I almost never buy music. I download for free using the tips I saw in this video.

These tips are also made easier at this website;

YouTube Tricks
Another of my favorite web tools is With this site you can download the audio or video of any website to your PC. I use it to make MP3's from YouTube videos. My MP3 player can display videos so I have downloaded videos as well for my own use as well.

If you have buy, buy cheap
There are times when I actually have to buy computer software. Some applications can be very expensive. I have found journeyEd to be a goldmine of savings. If you have kids in school or if you are a teacher you are eligible for huge savings.

The Ultimate Remote Control
I love my Remo, the smart TV remote control. My Remo is programmed to change the TV channel as soon as somebody I don't like comes on. For example, I have The WGN-TV Morning News on in the background each day. When it's over Live with Regis & Kelly comes on. To me, Kelly Ripa is like sticking a drill in my ear. My Remo is programmed to change the station immediately when comes on. It works on those Electrolux commercials she's in too. Besides Ripa my Remo is set for Barbara Striesand, David Hasslehoff and Charo (don't be fooled, she's still out there).

I enjoy Netflix. Getting movies in the mail is cool, but my most favorite thing is watching video online. I have a wide variety of interests so for me this is perfect. I can go from watching a documentary on "wannabe stars dress up on Hollywood Boulevard as superheroes and pose for photos with tourists" to watching Weird Science starring Kelly LeBrock (where is she now?).

Drink a drink
I love a hot cup of chai. My absolute favorite instant chai is from David Rio. Try the 12 packet sampler. You will not be disappointed.

Picture This
If you want or need photos of Chicago look no further than the Bob Horsch Gallery. I have had a link to his website for awhile now at the top right of this blog. I have known him for awhile as well. A great place to shop this holiday season.

Last One
Those who know me, know I like to eat. If I were to choose a last meal it would be the ribs from Texas Roadhouse. The meat comes off the bones like frosting off a cake. I'm drooling as I type this.

Right One
If I had to choose a favorite hand it would be my right one.

If you need medical care look no further than Vista Family Medicine. From the minute you walk in the door you will begin to feel better. Started by Dr. Jim Valek it has grown to four providers. Dr. Sapana Rana and Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioners Monica Ryan and Teri Masterson will lead you down the path of feeling better.

Green Green Grass of Home
It's not early too early to think about lawn care. Well, OK, maybe it is, but here is my favorite lawn care company, Trimlawn® Inc. Every year I have the best looking lawn on the block. Many others have lawn care companies, but they don't have the results I have.

Favorite Color

Favorite Dish


Ernest T Bass said...

I like eggs.

Mar said...

Here's my contribution:

Favorite places to sample food - Trader Joe's and Costco. Where else can you get a teeny bit of all the food groups -plus a beverage to wash it down? Always remember to tip your waitress.

Mark Ploch said...

Go to Binny's and come out drunk. Never having paid a dime.
Not that I'm endorsing such behavior.

Ernest T Bass said...

I like eggs.

Mar said...

Ernie B likes to use those purty eggs to break some windows in town. Citizens arrest..citizens arrest.

Scott Ploch said...

You know Oprah went frugal this year. I'll bet the audience (cult) was pissed.

Mark Ploch said...

If there is one item on her list that matches mine.