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Thursday, November 13, 2008

It Was Going To Happen

Remember when the Bush administration said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Then we bombed the holy hell out them only to discover, oops! No WMD's. Oh well, we got Saddam, who despite being an evil dictator, hadn't harmed the U.S. Not worth 4509 soldiers in my opinion.

Remember when the Bush administration said they were going to buy up $700 billion of bad debt from troubled banks? That move was going to help the economy move forward. Oops! Again. Now the government is just buying stock in "bad" companies.

If I know greedy billionaires, and I do because I worked for them, "bad" companies will be coming out of the woodwork like rats in the movie Ratatouille.

Billionaires can smell money, especially lots of free money. I'm starting to believe that that $700 billion is going to end up in the wallets of a lot of billionaires. This must be trickle down economic recover. That's when billionaires start grasping at the bowl of billions of dollars. When their fat grubby fingers can't hold more they drop some billions on the floor. That's for us.


Tara said...

no doubt :(
It's the American way

Scott Ploch said...

Sadly, they'll blame Obama for this and he's not even president yet.

Mark Ploch said...

$700,000,000,000.00 is virtually impossible to oversee.

bill a said...

one more theft before they leave office, and they were acusing Obama of wanting to redistribute wealth.

Scott Ploch said...

You're right, 700 trillion is tough to oversea. Three too many zeros. Did you work for Enron?

Mark Ploch said...

Too many zeros.
No truer words have ever been spoken.

Mar said...

Blame it on that darn voodoo economics! Bankers just gotta have fun....sadly at our expense.

CFandl said...

What about placing some blame on that fruitcake Barney Frank and his buddies. They forced banks and lending institutions to give loans to people who had NO BUSINESS getting them.

I predict you guys will be blaming Bush for everything for as long as "The Chosen One" is President. Makes it easy that way.

Mark Ploch said...

Just suck it up man. THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION created this whole pile of crap that presidents now and far into the future will have to clean up.
You all can't wait for Obama to slip up just to see what his supporter will say.
Well, speaking for myself, if he takes us to war because he thinks the boogy man is hiding something then I'll call him on it. I wont let all his words brainwash me.
I have a brain of my own to decide who's wrong or right. I don't need a Dick like Chaney, I mean a Dick Chaney to tell me what to say or do.

CFandl said...

Ok, whatever you say (rolls eyes)

Mark Ploch said...

Keep rolling all the way to Crawford TX cowboy.

CFandl said...

I just read in the Tribune where William Ayers now admits that he is a family friend of Obama.

Wait a minute. I thought "The Chosen One" said that Ayers was "just some guy in his neighborhood". Sounds like Prince Charming might be a liar after all.

Pity. The suckers who voted for him are going to find out more lies as time passes. Then the whining will commence once again.

The only difference is they won't have President Bush to bitch about. Then again I am sure they will find someway to blame the man.


Mark Ploch said...

Ayers offers no new information. You make it sounds like Obama and Ayers went bombing after Sunday pot roast dinner. If you don't like those "lies" how come Bush's lies are exceptable to you. Eventhough his lies got over 4000 people dead and counting.

Cousin Linda said...

The little guy will never get any of the much needed $700 whatever it is.

William Ayers only protested against the Vietnam War.

How is knowing William Ayers going to influence President-elect Obama? What is going to happen to the USA?

George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest of George's side-kicks have totally ignored the laws of this nation, approved of torturing people, lied about the WMD, and 4,000+ American soldiers are dead.
I have lost my job, my son was just laid off, and some people think that the state of the economy isn't the Bush Administration's fault. They deregulated whenever and whatever they could.

It hasn't worked.

Truly ticks me off that people can be so misinformed.

I know. It was Hillary's fault.

Scott Ploch said...

Somebody better take the blame cuz I'm getting pissed

CFandl said...

If any of you think that Ayers "only protested" the Vietnam War than you are more naive that I thought.

The guy helped bomb buildings that killed people. This wasn't some college student burning a draft card or running to Canada.

No one has ever said that Obama was hanging out with Ayers when he was committing these crimes. What concerns people is the fact that Obama decided to become buddies with an unrepentant terrorists.

I have no doubt that Obama and his cronies are laughing their butts off that useful idiots like you guys voted for him. The joke is on you.

BTW, that $700 billion will end up costing more like $1.5 trillion before all is said and done. The same tools that let this happen are still overseeing things. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.