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Friday, October 17, 2008

You Can Pick Your Nose, But You Can't Pick The Presidents Nose

I often get e-mails from readers suggesting different blogs to write. Today's suggestion comes from Jed (not his real name). He wanted me to blog about how we elect a president. Jed, noticed how Democrats and Republicans argue the same way Cub's and Sox fans argue about whose party or team is the best. Here are few things that he noticed about how we elect a president;

  • The endorsement of a major comedian
  • Good hair
  • Not owning multiple big houses (one is OK)
  • Being able to recite catch phases that someone else wrote with style and grace
  • Knowing how to pick a good suit (or dress in the case of a women)
  • And the number one reason is ……… much money they can raise for the election.
Truth be told Jed is not far off.

Jed also included the website The article is so perfect I wish I had written it.

Maybe if each one of us reading this article were to take his tips into the voting booth with us we would absolutely elect the correct President. Clearly this article was written after 2000.

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Scott Ploch said...

Stop hiding these people's identities man.