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Thursday, October 23, 2008

All Roads Leads To The White House

If there's one thing you can say about this presidential election it would be that anybody truly can be the president. if you look at the paths that both presidential candidates have taken is truly amazing how they've gotten where they are today.

Whether you're Republican or Democrat, you have to respect both Barack Obama and John McCain. Everybody knows who I support in this election, Barack Obama. But I would be a complete idiot if I didn't give props to John McCain. Here's a man that was in a prisoner of war camp. Never really knowing if he would live another day. I saw this video, and I really felt, what amazing road he has traveled.

I'm sure the last thing going through his mind at that point was, "In 2008 I'm going to run for President of the United States". As trivial as this election has gotten over the past few months, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned him smoking in this video.

Barack Obama's road to this point in history is equally improbably. Multiracial, raised by a single parent. Then moved to Indonesia. Then raised moved back to Hawaii to be raised by his grandparents. Not really a Kennedy type upbringing.

This election will open the door for many who thought they could never rise above adversity. That can only be a good thing. Even Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin's roles are to be commended. Granted Palin is being used to win over disillusioned Hillary voters.

Regardless of who wins in a few weeks our country's future will benefit.


Scott Ploch said...

Unfortunately not just anybody can be president. You need money.

Mark Ploch said...

In the end yes. But not initially.

Scott Ploch said...

Even initially. There are applications to be filed in all states and campaigning guidelines that must be followed strictly or fines are imposed. Nightline did a story on this last week. I believe you need $100k-$1 million to get started

Mark Ploch said...

I mean from birth. You don't have to be born into money to decide to be president.

Scott Ploch said...

That was not the gist of what you wrote.

Mark Ploch said...

My gist has been out of whack lately.