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Friday, September 12, 2008

We Have Your Resume, We'll Call You

I watch two parts of Sarah Palin's (my spellchecker still doesn't recognize her) interview with ABC News. She, at times, reminded me of myself during a job interview trying to answer questions I had no idea what the answer was.

On that level, I can understand Palin. She is applying for a job. In essence, we are interviewing her. She wants to answer all the questions. Problem is, and I have been there, she doesn't know a lot of the answers. Now, when I would be in that situation I would start talking. For those who know me, know I can talk. I know a little bit about a lot of things, so I will talk when asked. Sarah Palin is a bullshitter(that, spellcheck knows). And I say that with respect, for I too, am a bullshitter.

I love watching bullshitters do their thing. I call it, The Art of Conversation. To watch this yourself get 2 or more men, you can use women, but men are more predictable. Drop a line about current events, then stand back and watch. You will see a lot of arm movements. Different levels of volume. Head movements. Hand gestures. Each movement and gesture means something. Some moves indicate dominance while others mean submission. In the end, nothing is truly communicated during these vocal dances. It's just bullshitting.

Sarah Palin never answered any tough questions for ABC News. She just talked a lot of talk. This would be entertaining if we were at a family picnic talking about how to remodel a bathroom. But, she is talking about running the most powerful country in the would. I need more than a bullshitter to help clean up all the crap we've had to deal with the last 8 years.

One more thing. Now we know what the "B" stands for in the word "blog", Bullshit!


Scott Ploch said...

I thought McCain was running for president. Are the republicans planning on him dying soon?
Why do they keep talking as if she's going to be president?
Anytime Hilary wants to come out and put hockey mom into the boards with a cross check I'm all for it. Why is she practically invisible all of a sudden?

Mark Ploch said...

That would be cool.

Tara said...

I had the same impression, just like her RNC speech she took a whole lot of time saying nothing of any substance. I also found her repeatedly calling him Charlie throughout the conversation rather annoying. I am sure he knows his own name well enough.

Mark Ploch said...

I think the fact they chose Palin was to put all the focus on her instead of McCain. McCain can't compare to Obama.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has accomplished more than any of you pinheads have or ever will have. Go whine about President Bush and blame him for all of your shortcomings.

Mark Ploch said...

Anonymous seems a bit on edge. Must of had his house appraised for a lot less than its worth.