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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Does She Like Her Coffee The Way She Likes Her Future President?

And others call Obama an elitist. How can Clinton relate to average Americans when she has no idea how to get a cup of coffee. I'd like to see all the politicians pull up to the pump and try to fill the tank with gas. Filling the tank might not be to hard, but paying for it would or should open their eyes.

Personally, I've always thought government official's salaries should be equal to the average American's salary. All politicians are too separated from those they represent.

If they had to do and pay like the rest of us they would govern a little more effectively.


bill a said...

i agree, we should all have the same health insurance and retirement benefits too.

Jackson Five said...

That video was hilarious. Hillary has probably never poured a cup of coffee in her life. IMHO all of those clowns in Washington (and Springfield) are a bunch of elitist fools.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

I couldn't find a copy of the video with her sound. She's asking if you need to put money in the machine.


bill a said...

did she ask? "where does the waitress come out?"