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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Reason #757 Cubs Are Losers

Just yesterday I wrote about how it took the Chicago Cubs 132 years to erect a statue of one of its players. One might think extra care would have gone into every last detail of the event, including the statue. I mean there were a lot of important people there including our governor and senator. We can't forget all the press and fans that were there taking photos to cherish this historic moment.

All those photos will have captured a metaphor of Cub's history. A mistake etched in stone.

Ernie Banks famous quote, "Let's play two."

Simple quote. Unfortunately, they forgot the apostrophe.

"Lets play two."

I'm the first to admit I make mistakes. I dont alway's use the apostrophe correctly. And I don't fault the sculptor. I just think it's a great metaphor on Cubs history.

They always get it wrong.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? At least the Cubs have great fans that come whether the team sucks or not. And we have bars and hot chicks.

Not projects and women with missing teeth. Plus we don't have a loud mouth cornpone homer in both our TV and radio booths.

Why a class guy like Steve Stone would do radio for that hillbilly outfit amazes me.

Cubbies in 2008!

Mark Plocharczyk said...

You don't a World Series either.

Mike said...

The Cubs may forget an apostrophe but it doesn't matter because Sox fans leave out whole words like in your comment. "You don't a World Series either." Well in 2008 mister we DO A WORLD SERIES!
Also, how about the apostrophe and the 's' for that matter in that annoying "He Gone". Although I will allow it if you please get rid of that super annoying "stretch" used on every routine fly ball.........

Mark Plocharczyk said...

here's the missing "have".