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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Notre Dame, Stanford, Northwestern, Dorky Disciples, Latin Morons?

As a parent I have found that everyday is filled with difficult choices. And as a concerned parent I realize each decision can effect the well being of my son.

Fruit Loops or Mini-Wheats.
Candy bar or piece of fruit.
Clear your plate or stop when your full.
Public school or private school.
Soccer or baseball.

You get the point. So many things parents have to consider. Well, after reading a story out of Denver I'm faced with another difficult choice.

The story involves two teenage parents fighting over a difficult choice. Both parents were so passionate about their position the police were called to get involved. They were fighting over which GANG their 4 year old should join.

(face of shock and awe)

I know there are many cultures in this world and I live in a relatively normal and safe environment. But this is just crazy. I'm saddened to know that this goes on. Toddlers futures being tossed into the wood chipper, for what?

This is a town just north of Denver. Not a place I would pinpoint as a hot bed of gang activities. So for those of us living near a big city like Chicago what do we do?
We educate and love our children, that's what. Even if you're not a parent find a way to educate and love a child.

It may sound cliche, but it's true. The kids are our future.


bill a said...

Mixed marriages never work.

bill a said...

my last comment was meant as a joke, i meant "mixed marriage" like sox and cubs fans (chicago baseball teams) getting along.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

So true.
You have to communicate no matter what.