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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Never Go Against the Family

I was thinking about the Texas polygamist family. So many kids, so many people messed up under the name of a family. The sad part is that the kids that are old enough to, somewhat, understand will have lost their only known family forever. Somewhere between the bizarre aspects and moments of there lives I'm sure there where family moments. A book being read at bedtime, games being played, laughter about something silly. The things we "normal" families take for granted.

As anybody can attest, families can be odd. My family is no exception. Growing up I would look forward to summers. The family would get together and eventually there would be a water fight. Not kids between kids, but adults. From a kids perspective there is nothing more hilarious than a grown-up being pushed or thrown into a pool fully dressed. It didn't matter if the pool was 2 or 5 feet deep or in-ground, if you were dry eventually you were gonna be wet.

Or special event parties where both sides of the family were crammed into the house or garage. Everybody brought something to eat and nobody left hungry.

But, time marches on and things change. Then at some point, and I don't know why, the only time you see family is at weddings and funerals.

I realize families grow and sometimes have to move away. But, there are families that are geographically close yet they never see each other. I live four blocks away from a 1st cousin. I have for nearly 20 years. Yet, I have never been to his house nor he to mine. As far as I know there is no family rift. We just never make it a point to see each other.

My in-laws, I can't leave them out. I am fortunate when I get to talk about in-laws. My wife's family is great and I am happy to call them family. Yes, some are nutty, I wont lie and I wont give names. When we first got married I was surprised to see how often the WHOLE clan got together for organized events. It was great because we all had great fun.

But, time marches on and things change. Then at some point, and I don't know why, the only time you see family is at weddings and funerals.

Does it have to be that way? I hope not. I hope the family members reading this understand that I miss seeing you all. We are family. The family we have is all we will get. Let's not wait until Jimmy's wedding to get together.


Scott Ploch said...

You'll killed the whole thing with that stupid godfather picture. They were about killing and the polygamists are about control.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

The Godfather wasn't just about killing. In a very twisted way the Godfather was about family. Most people don't get that. You do anything for family and you never go against your family. Because in the end your family is who made you and who will never forget you.