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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is Britney Dead Yet?

I realize the title of todays blog might be considered harsh, but isn't that what the media is waiting for?

This morning there was another headline that Britney Spears was rushed to the hospital earlier this morning. On Google there are over a thousand news links about her. A herd of photographers camp out near her house 24/7 for what? They are waiting for the meltdown and they all want the first picture.

For the record, I'm not a Britney fan. In my opinion, she was a manufactured singer that was very sexy looking at a very young age. The music genies made her sound good enough while the dancing gurus made her dance moves cover her lack of voice talent. She was surrounded by morons who kept telling her she was great. Next, she was given millions of dollars and told to go play. Mind you, the parents just loved the steady income.

To recap our celebrity disaster recipe:
1 pretty teenager
Millions of dollars
0 Parental Guidance
100's Photographers

Blend together with no regard to the teenager's soul.

If I were 16 year old millionaire with no parental control I would be a major screw up too. I think most would. With that said, in Britney's defense, I think the media has to share in the responsibility for her tumble downhill. They fall over and fight each other for the best story and/or picture. They can't sell magazines with Britney wearing a cap and gown at graduation. Unless, she's falling down drunk and there's nothing under the gown.

I think I would go a little bonkers if ever move I made was being watched. That's why I wear underwear everyday.


Scott Ploch said...

Funny thing her life changed after having children. She was not a screwup at 16.
She has mental issues that need medical attention and her family is afraid to help her.
Yes, people are thrust into the limelight but why chastise them for that.
The media probably is hoping for a tragic ending and it seems like you are too.
Remember, she is a mother of two.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

I'm not chastising her, but more the circus around her. Her life is already a tragedy. Her kid's life is already a tragedy. I don't wish anything but good luck for her. In the end though she is ultimately responsible for her actions good or bad.

She gave birth to two kids, that doesn't make her a mother.