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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy New Year

Boy does time fly. I want to apologize to my regular reader(s) for not posting anything new for over a month. Truth is, I haven't had anything interesting to say.

Sadly, my Grandmother passed away last month. She was 12 days short of 100 years. I still have a hard time imagining all the changes she saw in her life since 1907. She was a great lady that I miss very much.

Christmas came and went so fast. I think Santa has moved his North Pole operations to China. I also think more elves have gone into dentistry, ala Hermie (or is it Herbie?), than quality control. So many of Jimmy's toys have broken already and not because of hard play. In one instance a guitar, not a cheap one, broke just sitting there by itself. Scared the confetti out of me.

Over New Years Donna and Jimmy went to California to see the Rose Bowl Parade while visiting with cousins Mary Lou & John. They all had a great time. California got to experience the energy source known as Jimmy. The seismographs are still off kilter.

The primary elections have finally started. It's clear that nobody knows who they want to be president. Here is how I see things. Picking a candidate is like leasing a new car. They are all the same just slightly different models and colors, and in the end they all take you for a ride.

"I'm looking for a liberal candidate. Do you have that in brown ?"

Four years ago the country decided to extend its lease on an old gas guzzler that blew out a lot of smoke and left oil stains on our driveways.


Anonymous said...

its about time you wrote something. now i can back to my regular morning routine. good to have you back.

Bill. said...

once again i goofed up the comment section. previous comment by Bill A.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

How do you get the internet in the bathroom?