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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Prison Break: Oxford

This morning former Illinois Governor George Ryan is waking up in prison. Ten years of legal theatrics as come to an end. Until, the appeal process gets rolling, of course. George Ryan sold the state of Illinois to raise monies for campaigning funds.

The media seems torn on how to report on Ryan's trip to prison. Some try to make you feel sad that this 73 year old man is GOING TO PRISON. Some spin it as a very appropriate end to a career of corruptness.

The way I see it is this greedy politician is going to a frat house. It's not like he's gonna be made into somebody's girlfriend there. One of his choices for work in the prison is to work in the library, ooooooooo hard time, paper cut! He'll probably figure out a way to sell library cards to inmates or lean heavy on inmates with overdue book fees.

Or maybe Ryan will keep to himself. Just walking around the prison yard casually spilling spoonfuls of sand out of his pockets. The sand would be from the tunnel he digs in his cell one spoon at a time. Eventually, the tunnel is long enough for him escape through. Escape the hard time of working in the prison garden, roses have thorns you know and don't forget the bees oh the bees.

Maybe FOX can have a spinoff of Prison Break. It can be about minimal security prisons.

SIDENOTE: I've never seen the show Prison Break. But, it's in its third season. The way I think about it, if you can't break out of prison in three seasons they should change the name of the show to either Prisoners Island or Gilligan's Prison. But, I digress.

My opinion on Ryan going to prison is as follows. You are guilty. None, none of your rich and powerful friends could even save you or keep you out of prison(so called). Do your time and shut up.


Bill said...

We used to live on the next block from the Willis family. They are the family who lost six of their children in the van accident that started the probe into the license for bribe scandal. We didn't know them personally. Mostly, we would see the kids outside playing. Then one night there were a bunch of news people outside of their house and the whole block was lit up from the lights from the news trucks. Then it was quiet. No reporters, no trucks, no kids. Over the years, following the trial, seeing Ryan on TV, driving past our old house, I am always reminded of their absence. He deserves much worse than he got.

Mike said...

Illinois and Chicago for that matter have a history of crooked politicians and this guy certainly fits the mold. Greed seems to take over what starts out as a want to improve. Just when this guy is getting out, our current govenor will probably be in court exausting his appeals.

Anonymous said...

I blame Steve Dahl for this.

Scott Ploch said...

Once again, and I really hate to keep correcting you, you are wrong on Ryan's job. He does not get a choice on his job at the beginning of his stay. His first job will be in cleaning and more than likely it will be toilets. This prison even though it is minimum security is far from being a country club.
Finally, why can't the man just apologize to the Willis'? Idiot!

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Choice or not, it wont equal the pain he caused the the Willis family.
I don't think he's apologized because he is so blind by his arrogance.