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Friday, October 12, 2007

Good Tech, Bad Tech

Being the computer geek that I am I always have my eyes open for technology. Yesterday I discovered, well not like Columbus discovered, but rather found in the paper and in my email box, two interesting websites.

I'll start with the good tech.
The Breast Cancer Site.
Just by clicking your mouse on this site you are helping raise money to fight breast cancer. In fact, people clicking at The Breast Cancer Site have helped raise the funds needed to provide 16,000 mammograms for woman in need since the year 2000. And while the site was originally designed to raise money for breast cancer you can additionally help raise money for other noble causes like,
The Hunger Site,
The Children's Health Site,
The Literacy Site,
The Rainforest Site,
and The Animal Rescue Site.

All that just by clicking your computer's mouse. It cannot be any easier to help others. That is what technology is all about.

Now for the bad tech.
I'm only mentioning this site because I saw the story the same day as I heard of the others above. The site, which I will not link to, is called My Free Implants. The site provides a place for women to "advertise" to people, mostly men, and have those people donate money for a future breast implant surgery. For free, men who register can see pictures, no nudity, of the women who desire to change themselves. For a fee, men can see more of the future patients via pictures they have posted. The site owners consider themselves providing a public service. After looking at the site, its just a virtual strip joint. I felt dirty. I'm no prude mind you, I just felt dirty.

So here we have two very different cases of how technology is being used. The internet has roots going as back as the 40's. I would love to know what those original geeks think of how technology is working today.


Cheryl said...

Hi Mark,

I used to ride CDT with you my name is Cheryl. You probably don't remember me. I just wanted to tell you I found your blog from a link on I was reading some of your blogs and saw the mention of Jim Valek. He is my brother's family physician. It really is a small world. Found you blog interesting.

Mark Plocharczyk said...


The world gets smaller everyday. Are you the one who lives on Artesian?

Please continue to find my blog. I will try to keep it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yep that's me. I'll keep checking in. I still ride CDT and nothing ever changes I'm always late to work and now work 3 miles from home.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Ah, CDT.
Can't say I miss the 2.5 hours I spent with them each day.