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Monday, August 27, 2007

Yes, I've created a blog.

Yes, I want a small pulpit by which I can condemn rich athletes for being stupid. What better day to launch my blog than on the day Michael Vick pleaded guilty to dog fighting.

Vick is a stupid man. Only a stupid man who has access to untold millions would blow it all away to watch dogs fight. He will more than likely never play in the NFL again. I thought Vick was the most exciting offensive weapon since Barry Sanders. If he had had a better team around him he would have won multiple Super Bowls and have been a Hall of Famer. This was all possible on paper.

Vick fans are even stupider (if that's even a word). Why would you support a man so stupid. Vick might as well been sitting by a shredder and throwing his money in there. Would you support a man who would do that?

One last thing. People are up in arms that Vick is being wrought over the coals for dog fighting. Nobody is talking about the fact that people fight dogs for the sole purpose of placing bets on the fights. Gambling is illegal aside from Vegas, various riverboats, scattered Indian reservations, state lotteries, internet casinos, and church bingo nights. This is what dog fighting is about. Nobody watches in awe the great athletic skill of a pit bull chomping down on another pit bull. Dog fighting is about gambling. Period.

I've heard people say society is coming down too hard on Vick. I say, No. Vick is, was, a highly paid NFL player. With those riches come great responsibility as well as great scrutiny. If you are involved in illegal activities and you are rich and famous you better cover all your bases.

Vick will not be the last stupid rich man. You can bet on that.


jenpellzy said...

Heck with the riches. That much visibility comes with responsibility as well. Most just don't bother to live up to it. Not that I think professional athletes should really be role models OR be paid so highly...
I really hope Vick IS remorseful, but I didn't actually SEE the press conference to hear the actual apology. The being said, people screw up, and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until he does something to contradict his words.

PeaKay40 said...

I'm really tired of all the media hype given to all the professional athletes and celebrities that continue to act like everything from bratty little children to adult idiots. Too much air time is given to the vast array of goofs, (for lack of a better word )and their antics. To bad the reporters that report all these childish dirty deeds don't stay home or call in sick and maybe we could use the media for important pieces of NEWS.